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The Advantages of Induction Cooktops

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Induction Cooktop VIER Schönes Bauen

Induction Stoves, how do they work?

The induction cooktop is the latest technology for the kitchen, which has evolved over centuries, adapting to people's needs. More efficient methods have always been sought for cooking food, from direct fire, wood-burning ovens, charcoal ovens, gas stoves, traditional resistance electric grills, to our Schönes Bauen magnetic induction stoves.

Magnetic induction is a physical principle that has been studied since the middle of the 19th century. The pioneer in his study was the English physicist Michael Faraday, who studied the reaction of electromagnetic induction in objects.

Magnetic induction cooktops work by distributing energy directly to the pan, which causes less energy to be wasted than conventional electric stoves. It does not need a fuel to generate heat, nor a plate to heat up red hot.

By directly transmitting the energy to the pan, only it will heat up and not the surface of the stove, thus avoiding accidents and increases in temperature, increasing the safety of the magnetic induction stoves.

Induction stoves are safe for health as they work with magnets that react only when the pan is placed on them and not with waves of electromagnetic radiation such as microwaves. If we are looking for speed when cooking, magnetic induction cooktops are the perfect choice, they make us cook faster and save energy, they are easy to clean, they are resistant and they are safer than other stoves, as their surface does not heat up.

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