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About us

We are a German technology brand of electronics and home products, distributed mainly online, in the most important marketplaces in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The SB seal on our products guarantees total satisfaction to our customers, so there is no doubt that buying a Schönes Bauen® product is the best choice in household appliances.

The essential values ​​of our brand are contained in our name "Schönes Bauen", which means "Beautiful Construction", so as the experience and essence of our products hold three main characteristics which are contained on our slogan:


We create incredible experiences with reliable consumer electronic products that are beautiful, intelligent and different, whilst providing speed in shipments, security in transactions and excellent quality in our products on addition to an elegant-bold-design.


We are proud to have the latest technology, highest quality standards and the most important certificates in the world.

For a Schönes Bauen® experience, we offer products that meet a great variety of needs for our customers, along with durable materials and a beautiful design.



With Beautiful Experiences

Our customers rate us with the highest rankings, having from 4 to 5⭐️ stars in all our products.

Our premise is to offer maximum satisfaction when purchasing any of our items by granting the experience of obtaining a high-quality product.

We are serious about service and passionate with quality.

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